Mbdump.tar.bz2 missing from latest full export?

Noticed that mbdump.tar.bz2 was missing here at ftp://ftp.musicbrainz.org/pub/musicbrainz/data/fullexport/20170923-001449/

I have been looking through site to see if there was a change on how to fetch the mb core data, but I haven’t seen any information about this moving or why it is missing.

Was this just a glitch in the export? Anyone have some insight?

No clue as to what happened there – in the meantime use the older data dump. If the next dump is also broken, please open a ticket at tickets.metabrainz.org . Thanks!

Thank you for the response. I will keep an eye for the next dump and submit a ticket if it is broken.

Some transient error occurred rsyncing that file (“Broken pipe”). Never seen that happen before and I’ll have to patch it to retry the rsync if it fails. Hopefully should appear on FTP soon now.

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Thank you very much for your help @Bitmap! The tar was in FTP and we were able to build using 20170923 export!

Looks like mbdump.tar.bz2 is missing again from ftp://ftp.musicbrainz.org/pub/musicbrainz/data/fullexport/20171025-001608/

Any chance this will be corrected before next full export?

@Bitmap advised this was possibly a result of a transient error via rsync if that helps.

Thank you!

Thanks again, I ran rsync just now so it should be synced to FTP soon. I also opened https://github.com/metabrainz/musicbrainz-server/pull/565 so that this doesn’t happen again.