Mbdump-edit.tar.bz2 is always corrupted

I’ve downloaded mbdump-edit.tar.bz2 three times, and each time, the archive has been corrupt. I don’t have this problem with any of the other mbdump files (though this one is by far the biggest, so that could be involved).

Is there any chance that you might break that one up into smaller files? Failing that, is there any way to download individual files from the archive? And a listing of what those files are?


Could it be that you try to download the more then 8GB big archive to a filesystem with a max size limit for a single file of 4 GB, like for example FAT?

Can you tell us on what system exactly do you try to download this mbdump-edit.tar.bz2 file? And how do you do that (wget, some FTP software?)

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I was about to update this. It turns out that it was views as corrupt by WinRar. 7zip, on the other hand, had no problem with it. Sorry for the wasted time.