MB virtual server connection to Tableau



I have downloaded and installed the virtual image of MusicBrainz server on VirtualBox without much problem, but now I’m trying to connect Tableau to this database to visualize this data, and that’s not working.

The connection on Tableau is a standard connection to a PostgreSQL database (it gives you the option of that particular db so drivers should no be an issue), and I have use this tutorial to open connections on the virtual machine: http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/postgres-allow-remote-access-tcp-connection.html.

But no connection, do anyone has been able to do this or something similar?

Thanks in advance!


You probably have a firewall enabled in the vmware image blocking postgresql.
ufw allow 5432/tcp ufw disable

Also check your networking settings in virtualbox,
You either need to use bridge networking or nat and enable port forwarding to allow you to connect to the machine.


The Postgres port is likely not accessible from the host OS. You’ll need to tell VirtualBox to forward port 5432 from the host OS to port 5432 on the guest OS in the network settings.


There is no firewall running in the guest VM.


Thanks for all the help! great community.

After trying a couple of things, I think the problem is with Tableau. I can connect from the host to the db in the vm through pgadmin with no problem, but with Tableau PostgreSQL connector I still get an error:
Download and install the drivers, and then connect.

Detailed Error Message:

[iODBC][Driver Manager]dlopen({}, 6): image not found
[iODBC][Driver Manager]Specified driver could not be loaded
Unable to connect to the server "localhost". Check that the server is running and that you have access privileges to the requested database.

Thanks to all!


It finally worked… and it was related to the drivers… had to download the driver from here:
And it worked! Weird that I didn’t have them right? they’re suppose to come by default with Tableau (??)