[[mb:tag]] wiki links breaking with spaces in the URL


I wasn’t sure where to create a ticket for the MusicBrainz wiki, so here we are

I recently started drafting a listing of MusicBrainz tags, and found an issue with tags with spaces. basically I pasted in the URL of these tags into the visual editor and it gave me these nice [[mb:tag]] links


that’s all well and good, but these links don’t work properly, since instead of linking to /list%20song (escaping the space), it links to /list_song, which is a different (and non-existent) tag. this also seems to happen if I add %20 in place of the spaces in the URL part of these links (I didn’t save and test here, but tested from the preview)


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My advice is to simply copy paste the URL from navigating MB site:

[https://musicbrainz.org/tag/villain%20song villain song]

You will save time, and it works! :wink:

that’s basically what I did in the visual editor, actually. in fact, it shows up properly there


…and of course it’s in OTHER… thanks, @chaban!~

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Ah, the visual editor. I don’t know how to use this, I always use the edit code button, because those visual editors don’t work well with me (if they even work at all, on smartphone).

The only way I got this working is via [https://musicbrainz.org/tag/fictitious%20artist fictitious artist] (which has the downside of being treated as external link).

But these are external links! :wink:
They are not wiki pages. It’s not a downside, it’s normal.
I don’t know how we use this link popup, but it’s normal that everything else than wiki pages are external links, even if they are on musicbrainz.org.

I mean, they aren’t internal to the wiki, but they are internal to MusicBrainz… idk, to me it seems natural to have a simpler way to do it rather than adding external links

actually, a thought… we could show entity links the same way we show them on the website, with the fancy little icons. Open Street Map does something similar on their wiki, like here~ that would involve using templates instead, I think… but still