Matching tags among tracks in an album

I’m new to using Picard. I looked through the docs and the forum but can’t find a solution.

I have a bunch of albums that don’t exist in Musicbrainz. Unfortunately, the shared tags e.g total tracks, genre, cover art… associated with these tracks don’t match on all of the tracks or don’t even exist.
I know I can copy the value of a tag from one track to another, but that doesn’t work if the corresponding tag doesn’t exist. And it doesn’t seem to work with cover art.

Is there a way in Picard to make these shared tags apply to all of the tracks in a cluster? Perhaps there is a plugin that would help?


Running 2.73 on MacOS

You can select multiple files in Picard and then edit the metadata for all selected tracks at once.

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What about images? I know I can drag an image in and it will add it to all tracks, but is there a way to copy an image from one track onto the others? I discovered that I can open an image in Preview and save it to my desktop and then drag it in again, but that’s rather cumbersome.