Mastered for iTunes is now Apple Digital Masters

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So, now what? I still think this is further evidence of a MFiT not being a different release than Spotify, just because of that. An example I’m really starting to notice is that all MFiT releases that share their Apple IDs with Apple Music, don’t have a MFiT blue badge on Apple Music but only on iTunes. They share the same barcode, because they have the same Apple ID. If Apple doesn’t even acknowledge that MFiT is a different release than the Apple Music (one which is identical in barcodes, artwork, etc). Shouldn’t all Apple Music releases be different than Mastered for iTunes releases, based on the logic that the mastering and streaming are technically different. If the Apple Music release is exactly the same as the Spotify release, but the only difference from the Apple Music and MFiT is the blue badge? I think it’s time to merge all the Mastered for iTunes releases with the other digital releases if the only difference is the blue badge. We can rename the series Mastered for iTunes to Apple Digital Masters and attach to appropriate releases, that have that on iTunes.


I agree to remove that concept completely, too.

In the meantime, I have updated the series aliases, but if you have more precise date than just 2019, please edit. :slight_smile:


Even if it is literally just a marketing difference, what would be the benefit of merging them?


Because, they are the same. Apple doesn’t recognize an Apple Music release to be any different than an iTunes release. They give the same iTunes ID if there is no difference in barcode, label, etc. There are some instances in which the barcode for MFiT is shared with Spotify/Deezer, etc. that are the same as Apple Music as well. Of course, I’m talking about only releases that share all the same information, not those with different barcodes, etc. Most MFiT would be unaffected as most get their own barcodes.