"Mastered for iTunes" is an invalid disambiguation

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Actually I have seen releases on iTunes, where one is “Mastered for iTunes” and one is not. They have different barcodes, as well. Your assumption that all iTunes releases are Mastered for iTunes is just not correct. Many of the brand new releases on iTunes are not “Mastered for iTunes” and therefore destroys any argument that all iTunes releases are going that way.


I never said this. It is one or the other, given the same store.

Per the Apple guidelines and tech documents themselves, this is going to be the new standard, with more changes to it. The MFiT is a step one into the change to 24 bit downloads.

Apple Music is a streaming service. iTunes is a download service. They are not the same at all, agreed. When I say “iTunes”, I mean iTunes, the download service, and not Apple Music, the streaming service. I have not looked at Apple Music to comment on the differences that may or may not be there in comparison to iTunes. Regardless though, iTunes and Apple Music are two distinctly different things.

On a personal level, I have sort of given up on this. MB can do as they wish, just as I can do as I wish. All I can say is that on the thousands of iTunes releases and individual songs I have indexed, cataloged, etc … what I am saying holds true on each and every one of them. Yet, when I use MB for data on those releases, I encounter issues with data. Thus the reason I no longer edit, or at least not at all like I did before, here. I am picky on my metadata, and the data that is used here is just not up to par. To each their own, but I no longer want anything to do with this topic until guidelines are put in place that fix the inaccuracies that the current guidelines cause.


They use the same URL! That’s what I was talking about. Many go to that URL and don’t realize that it typically defaults to Apple Music, never click on the Also Available in iTunes, and therefore never see the Mastered for iTunes badge. The reason for the disambiguation is that many iTunes releases have been both “Mastered for iTunes” and not. Many that came out before 2012, which is when MFiT started, have been updated. They are different releases. To make it more confusing, some even use the same URL, but they are still separate releases. I misinterpreted your “one or the other” as saying they were all the same, either they are on iTunes therefore MFiT. But I now see, that was not what you intended.


Ahh, ok. I see where the confusion was here. I agree iTunes is a total mess, I do not like Apple anyway, but I cannot discount their AAC encoder. It is the best there is unless there is someone making an encoder I am unaware of. Obviously speaking if compressed music. As a Linux user, I go through a fair deal of hassle to use said encoder, but it is well worth it.