Mario Pelchat présente Les Prêtres - Help!

I talked about this a little with @atj on IRC but we weren’t sure. Conversation logs of the whole thing

The artist Mario Pelchat created a group named Les Prêtres.
Two out of three albums says on the cover: “Mario Pelchat présente Les Prêtres” as the artist. The first one only say “Mario Pelchat - Les Prêtres” and the title of the album (Agnus Dei). Check the end of the post for links to the albums.

Seeing this release, I created a group named Les Prêtres and linked the first release like this - mostly as a test for the second and third album.

EDIT: I’ll wait on a consensus or some guidance on how I should approach things before adding the other two albums or make any edits on this one.

Question 1.a:
Since the first album doesn’t say “présente” but the other two does, can I still put “présente” as the linking word between the two artists? My preference would be to do so, as the artist probably didn’t think ahead and thought he would release only a single album but then decided to release more. He is still “presenting” the first album and it would look more uniform if the same style was applied to all the releases.


Question 1.b
If I cannot/shouldn’t use “présente” as the linking word between Mario Pelchat and Les prêtres for the first album, an & looks a bit wrong there, what should I put?

Question 2 - with guests!
Album 2 and 3 have a “Avec artistes invités” added as a name (both Apple and Deezer have it) but it’s nowhere to be found on the cover. The bunch of people on the cover and people wanting/listening to a Les prêtres release will most likely know there are featuring signers/guest on the album too. Can I omit saying “(Avec artistes invités)” on the album title for #2 and 3?

I personally feel like the person who wrote this thought I was a child unable to check if there was more that just Mario on that CD - seriously.

Album 1: Deezer
Album 2: Deezer | Apple
Album 3: Deezer
Press release/article for the first album on Mario’s website [French]

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Thanks for formatting your post so cleanly, it makes replying much easier.

As mentioned on IRC, the cover art is generally used as the canonical source for the content of a release on MB, unless there is clear evidence of artist intent elsewhere. I appreciate your wish to have uniformity across the releases, but unfortunately I really can’t see a justification for this here.

The other alternative would be “/” but again it’s not ideal. I’d probably go with “&” but will defer to others on this.

I think it can be omitted given it’s not shown on the cover and doesn’t really seem to convey any useful information. Again, others with more experience may have a different opinion.

I agree “présente” probably isn’t appropriate for the first disc, unless the spine has it or something. If a comma feels any better than an ampersand then that might also work.
Re: artistes invités I agree I’d skip it, but if desired it can be added as a tracking join phrase (so, have it be “Mario Pelchat” présente “Les Prêtres” avec artistes invités).