Manual Submissions from Android/mobile?


I’ve seen a few solutions for looking up albums/songs via MusicBrainz or so you can send your listens manually to via a mobile site, like:

but does anyone know of any solutions that submit manual listens to ListenBrainz like this?

basically, I’m listening to a receiver (CD or vinyl) via headphones and want to make sure I track my listens.

Should I just use the solutions above that send to and the every once in a while import from

Or is there a more elegant solution?

I already use Pano Scrobbler on Android but that plus Shazam doesn’t work with the headphones.

should I, instead, see if Pano Scrobbler might be interested in adding a manual submission?

any suggestions?

thank you!

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There’s a manual addition option in the “Add listens” dropdown on your recent listens page. However, I’ve never used it before and it seems to only support adding one listen at a time. (The dialog is titled “Add Listens,” but doesn’t seem to allow adding multiple listens; either that or it’s broken for me.)

When I’m listening to my vinyls I submit them to using Open Scrobbler, and sync with That makes it easy to submit the whole album in one click without fiddling with timestamps on every individual scrobble.


unfortunately, album listen submissions aren’t easily done (there is a ticket to make it a built-in feature tho). that said, it can also be done via Picard of all things, with the Submit to ListenBrainz plugin (forum thread here). that said, it might not be ideal (or maybe even possible) to haul your computer over to your reciever every time you listen to an album, lol

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I haven’t updated it in a while, but if OP has issues with it I’ll be happy to help.