Mandatory Tags / Copy Values To Different Tag

Is there a way to ask Picard to show an error when trying to save a song/album if specific tags are empty/missing?

i.e I’m using releasetype in my file naming script but if a release doesn’t have this tag, then I get # as a folder name instead of the release’s type (EP, Album, etc.).

I don’t use the release type as a directory but as an album name suffix - but you can see how my script works and adapt it…

$if($or($inmulti(%_secondaryreleasetype%,audiobook),$inmulti(%_secondaryreleasetype%,audio drama),$inmulti(%_secondaryreleasetype%,spokenword)),$set(_releasetype,book))

$if($and($eq(%_releasetype%,), $inmulti(%_secondaryreleasetype%,compilation)),$set(_releasetype,comp)))

$set(_albumsuffix,%_albumsuffix% \(%_releasetype%\)),
$if($ne(%_primaryreleasetype%,album),$set(_albumsuffix,%_albumsuffix% [$if($ne(%_primaryreleasetype%,),%_primaryreleasetype%,UNKNOWN!)])))

Thank you for your reply. I’m still pretty new to coding in general but I read your scrip and tried to understand most of it.

Basically, you look in secondaryreleasetype for values and then set it in _releasetype and if there’s nothing, you set it to “UNKNOWN!”? I think lol That last line is busy.

I could a similar approach to avoid my “#” problem but do you know if there’s a way to prevent Picard from actually saving if %releasetype% is empty?