Make Picard write the Original Release Year into the Date field

So, I have a Dylan CD.
The vynl was originally released in 1970. The ‘Original Year’ is correct, but Picard is tagging it as 2009 when this particular CD was release. There seems to have been a plug-in to fix this, but I can’t find it and even if I did, it was the older API?

Is there a simple fix please?

Add a script in Options > Scripting:


It seems to have worked automatically…

How do I have other tags like composer updated into the MP3 file automatically.

Enable both “Use release relationships” and “Use track relationships” in Options > Metadata

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Thanks again!
Sort of think these should be the defaults!

And will those settings write the mbid and other musicbrainz values into TXXX tags?


Those are written by default.

Thanks… are there any bits of software to verify this with - other than Picard

You can use some other tag editor. E.g. on Windows you could use MP3Tag.

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