Make a match without the tagger button?

I am trying to match the compilation I have (The Rolling Stone Magazine’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time: 2021 edition). But when I look it up in browser, it gives me thousands of wrong matches. I am able to find the compilation using the search function, as a recording series, but it doesn’t have the tagger button. How could I make the match in these conditions?

You have various options:

*) Technically all that is needed is adding the tport=8000 parameter to a URL, where 8000 needs to be set to the port Picard is listening on as displayed in the lower right corner of Picard


Thanks for the answer.
I made the copy and paste of the url in the Picard’s search field and searched for it, and now the url ends in 8000, but I still have no tagger button.

Actually, I think that this is a bit more complicated…

I searched hard for this release on the MB web site and failed to find it, and in the end, I used Google to find this page. As you can see this is NOT a release - it is simply a list (technically an MB series - even more technically a series of recordings).

So it may be a compilation, but it is not a compilation release and so Picard cannot find it as a release to tag against.

And that is why there is no “tagger” button.


I was trying to match to the same recording series.
In the end were you able to match on it?
On the other hand I am happy that I proceded correctly.

Matching to series is not supported by Picard currently. You can only match to releases or individual recordings.

There is an open feature request to be able to tag against a series in a similar way as tagging against a release, see [PICARD-2313] Tagging of files using a Series rather than a Release - MetaBrainz JIRA