Macros and Menu Item Access - Suggestion for making it more flexible

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I’m not sure to what extent this applies to Windows or Linux, but contextual menus and macros/hot key utilities on Mac OS X are just a whole lot of voodoo all around.

It’s possible to get to the menu, but the only ways to navigate it is with reference to a set position or a specific amount of keystrokes.

The former, of course is just not possible. We won’t even go there.

With the latter, once the menu is invoked you can use arrow keys to move to the desired choice. But for pretty much the same way the former method is not practical, using arrows is only slightly more practical.

The contents of the contextual menu is related to the items selected or screen location when it’s triggered.

So if you’ve got a Tagger Script you want to assign to a macro. If you invoke the contextual menu on the Album side, it’s one Right Arrow and 9 Down Arrow inputs to get to Run Scripts… But if you do that on the Cluster side, it’s only 8 Down Arrow inputs.

You probably don’t really want a lot of point 'n shoot going on with that kind of ambiguity.

But if an item is available on the Menu Bar, it’s a whole different story. You can use Mac OS X inbuilt functionality to automate those menu options, and you can do a lot more with an optional macro utility. (e.g. Keyboard Maestro).

So I thought I’d try putting access to the scripts and plugins in the Menu Bar as well:

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Any menu item can be accessed using the Shortcuts functions in the Keyboard Preferences, and even more so with additional/optional software:

Using Keyboard Maestro on the contextual menu also depends on the exact position of the desired option in the list, where as getting it from the Menu Bar can be addressed that way or directly by Menu --> Option --> Option.