Macarena vs. Macarena [Work Variants]

This is more of a PSA, than a call to action. And y’all (certainly in the Discord) think I’m crazy about the Macarena, but I’m not.

It’s time we sorted out the Macarena.

This work is for the orignial:

This work is for the more well known “Bayside Boys” remix, which has the english lyrics and different overall composition:

Apparently there are many, many different arrangements that exist - hopefully we can find them all.

I’ve added some annotations to the works to help guide people in the right direction.

Heeey macarena


But can we sort out what it did to our brains?

I didn’t even know there’s a remix including English lyrics! :smiley: But then, I’m Spanish and the original was more than enough for me :stuck_out_tongue:


my small contribution

one thing I didn’t know before today, Macadamia Nut is one of Animaniacs’ few parodies that uses the official instrumental, since Warner Bros. also owned the Macarena at the time…




I REFUSE to believe you haven’t heard this! At least that beat!

If you really haven’t… you are a lucky man :smiling_face_with_tear:

I had probably heard the beat being sampled in some rap song or something, because it’s familiar :smiley: But I certainly hadn’t heard the addition of the weird English half-spoken voices, that’s significantly more terrible than the original and the original was not great! I do feel bad for you now.