Lynk5 Recommender Engine Update


Here the first mock-up of the new design I did in a few hours. It’s not final and there are also the other screens that I may regroup and put in a InVisionApp video if I have the time.

Enjoy ! {=


Hi !

Two minutes of Web Design of the new Lynk5 graphical user interface “look & feel” that will be released with the Alpha version 0.2. The central recommendations wheel functionalities will be kept and more features will be added later on whenever possible.

The new WebSite will be instantiated with Angular.JS 2.0 and probably Foundation 5.0 as they allow quick development of the more standard functionalities. I will probably keep the custom MVVM and binder for the more advanced stuff and the 3D “Cube Style” transition between main pages will be also kept as is.

A mobile version would be an awesome addition too!

Enjoy {=