Luis de Narváez songs: Is "Arde coraçon arde" the same song as "Arded coraçon arded"? SOLVED

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All CA for RG say, “Arded coraçon arded”.
But it is not clear that this is not the same work as

"Arde coraçon arde"
Examples of apparent non-distinction:
Any Luis de Narváez aficionados in the house?

A subtractive solution was available.
Luis de Narváez’s surviving pieces consist of those in Los seys libros del Delphín de música de cifras para tañer Vihuela and two motets published in France. DE WP was good enough to name those motets and there is only 1 work that comes close in his Libros.
“Ay arde coraçon”