Lower bound for track length before a recording can be submitted

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While we’re in the topic of AcousticID, is there a limit to how short a recording can be so that it can be submitted to AcousticID? I tried submitting recordings that are shorter than 10 seconds but it doesn’t appear in the fingerprint tab on the recording page.

AcoustID submissions down/broken?

We’re not on the topic of AcousticID though, because there’s no such thing as “AcousticID”. :slight_smile: I will assume you meant AcoustID though. (And everything in the #acoustid category is on the topic of AcoustID, so you can always write here with any AcoustID questions.)

Yes, there is a lower bound, but I can’t find it at a quick look over the AcoustID documentation. I’m pretty sure it’s lower than 10 seconds though, and more than 1. IIRC it’s around 2–5 seconds.


Thanks for moving it. I guess I must have not remembered it correctly due to AcousticBrainz messing with my memory.


I’m glad its not just me who has been using the wrong name for all these years… :smiley:

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