Lost my plex type filenaming script due to hacker taking my pc over for like 2months :(

i just want it back like this… But i lost my musicbrainz music file naming script. ive google alot and cant find it anywhere. asked on plex reddit got 555 view 25% downvote,-15 karma… idk why so many have asked the same kinda think. want it to be drive:\Music\Artist\Artist - Album Name\ Artist - title

                                   (Artist)                  (album-------------------------- )          (artist------   -track title--------)

edit: like this… \MUSIC\Snoop Dogg\Snoop Dogg - Dont Be A Bully Mixes\ Snoop Dogg - Dont Be A Bully Mixes

thanks alot

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Hey, welcome to the forum. In looking at your example, Plex actually prefers a slightly different approach to folder hierarchy. It appears you are saying your previous script added the artist name to all sub-folders, as well as the track names. According to Plex’s documentation (as well as my own experience), this isn’t necessary to ensure correct matching. The album artist just needs to be listed on the uppermost folder.

Here’s the example from the referenced documentation:

Music/ArtistName/AlbumName/TrackNumber - TrackName.ext

For your example, that would look something like this:

MUSIC/Snoop Dogg/Don’t Be a Bully Mixes/TrackNumber - TrackName.ext

Here is the file naming script I personally use in conjunction with Plex:




$if($and(%albumartist%,%tracknumber%),$num(%tracknumber%,2) ,)%title%

Just a tangential side note: I was going to pull a track name from the aforementioned album to use a real example, but couldn’t seem to locate this release. Is that an official release, or perhaps a bootleg/unofficial compilation of some sort?