Lost my options menu?

I have obviously done something stupid, somewhere, but currently when I select Options > Options, all I get is a page on Acoustic IDs.
I thought this was where I used to be able to select/edit the script, and most importantly, change the destination root folder?
I am using "MBP YA Magic-Script that does more stuff too. - v2.7 " and can edit it through >Open file name script editor but see no root folder option?
Enable/Disable Profiles is greyed out.

What have I done wrong?

Enable debug mode and check output, there’s likely an exception causing Options dialog to not load properly.

See General Troubleshooting — MusicBrainz Picard v2.10 documentation

Also, you can try to remove existing config file (be sure to make a backup of it).

Thanks, the debug log gave me an instant 13 page dump of info, so I just went ahead and added “.old” to the ini filename suffix, forcing a new one to be generated.
All is well again now.

Curiously I had already done an uninstall removing settings etc, but I guess it failed to delete all config files.

debug started thus
D: 09:29:18,263 config.event:261: Config file update requested on thread 12716

D: 09:29:18,285 webservice/ratecontrol.get_delay_to_next_request:122: (‘picard.musicbrainz.org’, 443): First request

D: 09:29:18,285 webservice/ratecontrol.increment_requests:147: (‘picard.musicbrainz.org’, 443): Incrementing requests to: 1

D: 09:29:19,246 webservice/ratecontrol.decrement_requests:155: (‘picard.musicbrainz.org’, 443): Decrementing requests to: 0

D: 09:29:19,246 webservice._handle_reply:558: Received reply for https://picard.musicbrainz.org/api/v2/plugins/ → HTTP 200 (OK)

D: 09:29:19,247 webservice._handle_reply:571: Response received: {‘plugins’: {‘abbreviate_artistsort’: {‘api_versions’: [‘1.0’, ‘2.0’], ‘author’: ‘Sophist’, ‘description’: ‘

Abbreviate Artist-Sort and Album-Artist-Sort Tags.\ne.g. “Vivaldi, Antonio” becomes “Vivaldi, A.”\nThis is particularly useful for classical albums that can have a long list of artists.\n%artistsort% is abbreviated into %_artistsort_abbrev% and\n%albumartistsort% is abbreviated into %_albumartistsort_abbrev%.

’, ‘files’:

Can you show a screenshot of the window? Maybe you have shrunk the left navigation menu so it’s no longer visible. In that case you should be able to drag it back by grabbing it on the left side of the dialog and dragging it back towards the center.

I thought we disabled this view from being completely hide able, but maybe it is possible again (can’t test right now).


Ah, that’s all it was then.
I restored the original .ini file and sure enough the options page only shows the acoustic Id, but to the left the mouse icon changes to the drag option and I can drag right and the other options are there, it was just that they were hidden.
Yeah, maybe a minimum pane size wider than zero would avoid other idiots like me getting trapped there :slight_smile:


Great it’s working again for you.

Yes, we should fix this. I really think we already did this once, but maybe my memory is wrong. I’ll take a look.

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FYI, I am on version 2.10 stable release.

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We actually never had a fix for this, but we had a similar issue with the panes of the main window where the user could also end up in a situation with parts of the UI completely hidden and no clear indication how to drag it back.

But we’ll get this case fixed also for next release. I added a ticket:

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