Looong running evaluations

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I currently have an evaluation running for at least a couple of days, and now there are two more pending (waiting for my evaluation to finish?): https://beta.acousticbrainz.org/challenges/14095b3b-4469-4e4d-984e-ef5f1a55962c - and (hopefully!) more to come.

@alastairp said on IRC that this probably meant I’d hit a bug and that a restart of the job would likely make it succeed. I asked him to restart it, but never got a reply. Is there anything I can do myself to restart the job? Can someone else restart it? Or have intentionally not restarted it to be able to look into it and see if you can pinpoint the bug?


Ah, you’ve found a more interesting bug. I’ve reported it and we’ll have to look at it later. I’ll mark your job as failed, so that we can try and recreate the problem. If you want, you can try and submit it again, and see if by luck it manages to complete this time. My guess is one of the items you have in the dataset is invalid for an unknown reason. We’ll have to validate them individually to work out which one is the culprit.