Looking to hire someone to rename all of my ripped music

Hiya! I ripped somewhere in the neighborhood of 23,000 songs. None of which have meta data, nearly all have only the name of the artist and song to work from. I would like them all tagged properly, but the scripts I have found don’t quite do it correctly. Some turn out excellent, some default to collections, such as greatest hits, or 80’s collection. I want all of them tagged and renamed with the oldest album. Can anyone write me a script to achieve these? Yes, I did already try the GetOldestDate script, which worked okay, but is only about 70% accurate. Happy to pay!


hey! i’m not a great scriptmaker, but if you can’t find someone to write you a solid script to do that i’d honestly be happy to manually do all the tagging for you. i love busywork lol.

but if you’re set on using a script, i’m sure you’ll find someone to help you here! these guys are geniuses with picard lol. good luck!

Thanks for the offer. How long would you recon it would take to manually tag this many songs?

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Do you mean this info is part of the file name?

The songs are a combination of the title only with the artist and song, but some do have basic meta data such as album, sometimes title and artist. When it does have the album, it’s often a compilation album I don’t want, I want the original album so it has the correct year. I plan to use plex, and want some auto collections using the decade, genre, etc.

So you have a load of compilation albums by various artists such as “Greatest Hits of 2020” each consisting of a number of tracks/ single and you want to tag each single with it’s original album etc… ignoring the album metadata

Correct. I suppose I haven’t tried removing the current metadata and rescanning, though I’m not sure if that would even do it I suppose.

I doubt you can succeed with an automated script, but someone knowing Picard enough can probably help you.

Though you should give much more info about your set of files:

  • are the tracks standalone (non linked between them)?
  • how are they named (full paths)?
  • what is the quality and quantity of existing metadata (if any)?
  • are they grouped somehow (per album, per artist, per year, …)?
  • what is the audio format?
  • what is the source (CD RIPs, legal downloads, …)?

I would advise to not change current metadata or filenaming and to work on a full copy of original files.


and what you’re expectation of ‘done’ is…which metadata is enough?

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Most are all in compilation files, mostly by decade, though there are some artists folders. The names are mostly the artist and title, though some are in artist folders and the name is only the title and song number. The current meta data is weak, very little information. Most are MP3.

“Enough” for me is the Original data. So original Artist, Song Title, Album and year. I would prefer to also have genre if possible.

Bump. Anyone want to take this on for me?

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Not I, I think it will be hard / difficult to get the original album and genre and possibly the date. The artist and title you can get from the file name if you have confidence they are correct.

I think your best bet is to talk to @teethfairy, about hiring them to do the tagging, with whatever tools they want.

Maybe for an initial hour, where they see how long it takes to get x amount of files tagged to your standards, and then you can work out from there if doing the whole lot is feasible time/cost wise. I’m probably telling you how to suck eggs, but that’s what I would do :chicken:


Fair enough. Thank you for your input everyone.


It will be interesting to hear how many if the 25,000 you can get done automatically and how many require manual editing