Looking for a mentor for entries of classical music

First of all: merry Christmas!

I have made several attempts to use MB in the past for classical music, but became overwhelmed pretty soon by the terminology, the different style guides etc.
My latest entry (https://musicbrainz.org/release/e8898af6-964c-487c-ad59-ea365e44f90f) is certainly not up to the style guide (e.g. performer vs. composer) and lacks some information that is present in entries for similar recordings, but even after having read the style guide and several howtos, I cannot figure out how to improve it.
I have just now discovered this forum and “The Classical Editor Toolbox”, so I wanted to ask if there is anybody out there who would offer me some help with this. Ideally he/ she would point out what is missing/ plain wrong with my last entry so I would get a “training on the job” experience.
I understand that I am asking a lot, but since I am planning to rip my collection of CDs with classical music over the next months, I will most likely provide information not yet included in the database. This would obviously only make sense if my entries live up to the style guides.

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Hi there, Matthias, and welcome on MusicBrainz. I’ll make you the comments I feel useful right on your edits


Thank you for the quick reply and your help! In the meantime I have added the second CD of the album (https://musicbrainz.org/release/e6e1dfd1-0da7-4cf2-9e36-1915d92b153d), but I have not found a way to create a relationship between the two so they would appear as parts of a collection.


As I understand it this is a single release with two CDs and not two separate releases. So this second CD should be added as a separate medium “CD” to the existing release.

You can merge the two releases and choose to append the second to the first one to fix this.


Hi Matthias, I’ve subscribed to your edits and am happy to provide comments and corrections (where I think I am competent myself :wink:).

I think I have finally managed to merge the releases. I am now waiting for the edit to close so I can check the result and work on it.
How could I have added the 2nd CD directly to the album when I scanned it with Picard? I have not been able to find information on this subject.