.log files not found while searching for "all supported protocol files"

If i try to import a .log file into Picard, i have to switch to the specific “.log” file field in order to get .log files shown. they do not appear while having “all supported protocol files” active.

i use german picard

is this intended?

“all supported protocol files”

“… .log”
drop down menu for context

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It’s a bug, thanks for reporting. The filter is wrongly defined (it’ll find files with the extension .log,).

I have submitted a fix, will be in the next release. See [PICARD-2718] FIle selector to ripping log files does not show *.log files with the "All supported log files" filter - MetaBrainz JIRA


great, thank you :slight_smile:

now if you could also add drag+drop for .log files into Picard, that would be phenomenal!

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