Local music playing server with playlist/favorites sync

What do other people use to play local music or stream a local collection to other devices? I initially set up funkwhale for this purpose, but I am looking at other options now. Especially useful would be if anything supports bidirectional favorites/playlist sync with listenbrainz.



I’m working on a project called ListenBrainz local, which is a UI based on our troi toolkit that generates the weekly jams, LB radio, playlist resolution and playlist sync (not quite there yet, but working on it). One of its features is to work with Subsonic APIs, so it should work with Navidrome, Funkwhale and Gonic.

As long as you have a Subsonic API, you should be good to go. Hopefully I can have a preview version of LB local in the next week or two.


some common ones I’ve seen around are Plex, Navidrome, and Jellyfin. I haven’t personally used the first two, and so far have only tested Jellyfin for a few weeks. I don’t think Jellyfin has playlist/favorites sync yet, but in my testing it’s pretty good at streaming music~ (I can also personally recommend Symphonium as an Android app to pair with any of the three mentioned)


Great, thanks for the suggestions! I am experimenting with Navidrome now because it’s much more lightweight than funkwhale. Excited for your local troi tool!

Agreed – installing and updating Navidrome is quick and easy. Something I never tried with Funkwhale since it seemed so… daunting.

Will try, thanks! So far was I was using Ultrasonic which is ok…

I have used the recently posted python script to sync mine to Plex with success. Plex being my music player of choice.

I have Navidrome and Jellyfin both running as well. Both have positives and negatives, as does Plex. I’d suggest trying them all. All are quite easy to get up and running quickly.

Github issues here & here for Jellyfin via the LB plugin.

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As an additional question, are any of these servers or players better for classical music? It looks like the opensubsonic project has some good improvements for that, but I’m not sure where the most complete implementations might be.

The most complete implementation for that is in Navidrome IMHO. But I can’t tell you how well suited Navidrome is for classical music.

Also OpenSubsonic features will only benefit you of the client supports it as well. Not sure which of the clients currently do and to what degree.

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