Local, mirrored database

I’m trying to use mbnz and beets/Picard on a slow internet connection, sometimes no connection at all. Its a remote place by my choice.

I do have mirrored mbnz and this works very well, but still makes calls to AcoustID server.

I know dumps are published, but did not see a docker or an vm that is ready to use. Does it exist ?

Assuming that it does not exist, is there a help somewhere how to set it up locally ?

The sources are at https://github.com/acoustid/acoustid-server

There is also some basic instructions. But it also says:

This software is only meant to run on acoustid.org. Running it on your own server is not supported. It’s possible, but you need to understand the system well enough and even then it’s probably not going to be useful to you.

So you are probably on your own there. AFAIK you should also have a very decent amount of RAM to run this with the actual dataset from the dump. But I don’t know the details.

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Found the performance discussion I was thinking about:

But it is 5 years old, so things surely have changed. The database has grown a lot :slight_smile:


Right, even if I manage to build the docker the memory requirements are too much for my little server, plus the replications needs to be build from dumps. This does it for me.

I will most likely get the Skynet, sorry Starlink, here faster than I can manage this build.