Loading Unclustered Files as "non-album tracks"

Hi all, pretty new to MusicBrainz. Is there a way to load unclustered files as non-album tracks? I have the plugin installed, but it doesn’t fully do what I’m looking for it to do (unless I’m using it totally wrong). I’ve tried dragging the files into the pane on the right and they just go into an “Unmatched Files” folder, and from there, there is no way to “load” it into the plugin.

Any help or ideas are appreciated!

The plugin allows you to load any tracks that got loaded on the right as standalone recordings (AKA non-album tracks). That means you still need to match your files against a proper track on the right, e.g. by using scan or lookup. Then you can right click this track and choose “Load as non-album track” from the plugins.

What exactly is it you want to achieve? In case you are dealing with files that are not in MB but you want to give them specific tags so they behave similar to files tagged as non-album tracks you might be able to get what you want with a script.


Basically, I’m looking to have any of my tracks that have never been released on an album (especially files that are not even songs ie an audio clip from a movie) loaded as singles. I’ve tried using scan/lookup and most of the time it doesn’t work.

Tagged as a single probably basically means you want to have the album name set to the track title. Maybe also set the release type to “single”. What you could do to help you with this is add a script to Options > Scripting:


Name this script e.g. “Tag as single”. Set the script to inactive (make sure to not set the checkbox in front of the script name).

Then you can right click on files (no matter if on the left or the right) and select your script in the “Run script” sub menu.


Holy crap thats awesome!! Thank you!!