Live stream from the summit

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Hi people.

We’re currently live on YouTube streaming our MetaBrainz/MusicBrainz Summit 17:

Come join us and ask questions/make comments in the chat. :slight_smile:


I am watching for your “Lets make it all intuitive” speech. :grin:
Even without that the view of the high level planning involved is kinda thrilling and eye-opening.

Would be good for new MusicBrainz editors to see that complexity and steep learning curves are not just for beginners.


UX is tomorrow! :wink:

And absolutely exhausting :sleeping_bed: :sleeping_bed: :sleeping_bed:


Really cool guys, thanks!! Always so good to be able to put faces to the project/s and get some perspective on what’s been happening!
A nice change from the MB communities main activity - arguing about style guidelines :wink:

Sound was poky at the start, thanks for all moving towards the whiteboard.
Nice pillows… but @rob’s hair really steals the show!!

Edit: spambrainz sounds ambitious, very interesting
Edit 2: YES to seeding in lots of event data!! That will really kickstart things. I think adding support for event images/posters is the other step if you really want to push it (+ poster artist relationships), opens it up to a whole new audience/useage.


About 15 minutes till the next enthralling session from the peak of MetaBrainz.

The crowd is increasing rapidly in expectation of more wow-ness.
With only limited seats available, some may be reduced to watching replays.


@mmirG I think you can expect us to be late :slight_smile: Only a few people are in the office, I guess the others are afraid of the rain…


Excellent! While the orange and lemon marmalade on bread and the 2 litre 1970’s air-pot of hot tea are ready and waiting, I do feel that some more nibbles could come in handy.
Yes it’s the kind of situation that calls out for Captain Vegetable


Stream is live, but we’re probably (at least) 10–15 or so minutes from actually starting. You can watch us fuss about for a bit until then. :slight_smile:


The summit is over now. I assembled the three live stream videos into a playlist (totals about/just under 12 hours, I think - but a couple of hours of this is also a “pause screen” so can be skipped):

If anyone feels up for it, it would be super helpful to get a list of when we talked about various things. E.g., «day 1 video 1 at 1:12:35, “Spam”» so I can put it into the descriptions of the videos so future viewers can skip to the discussion they’re interested in watching. :slight_smile:

(Also, we’d really like to hit 100 subscribers, so if you’re interested in seeing what we’ll be putting up on YouTube in the future, please don’t hesitate to subscribe. :bow:)


Great video, thanks for all the amazing work you guys do! :purple_heart: I managed to watch it all and this is some of the feedback that I came up with:

Search order - Take listenbrainz data for popularity and use it in search order, yay for Irish U2 as the first result!

Better recommendatin - Use mood tags? (accompanying listenbrainz/acousticbrainz data) for music recommendation, so if you’re in a specific mood, you’ll get recommendation for music that you might like right at that moment!

UX revamp - This is a tough issue to deal with. Regarding the new artist page mock-up and other ideas: on one hand, you can possibly spot missing info more easily, but on the other hand some of the incorrect data is much harder to spot right away. For example I am using the bitmap’s “expand/collapse release groups” script and in the current UI I am able to see if a release group title is different from the release title. I can’t count how many times I fixed this because an editor fixed the release but forgot to fix the release group (or vice versa). If you decide to replace the release group overview with the album covers, I won’t be able to spot the bad data so easily and they would probably remain unfixed. The idea someone brought up about users/power users having different page views seems interesting. You have a very difficult task ahead of you but keep up the good work!

Visualization idea - Display top 100 artists/labels/etc. with the most edits (+ show the number of edits and percentage of all edits if it’s a reasonable chunk).

Documentation revamp - When I was reading the documentation as a new user, I finished the main page with another 15 tabs open (using an arbitrary number here). After I finished reading those 15 tabs, I had open even more tabs by that time. It was an awful user experience since I didn’t know how comprehensive the actual documentation actually is and how many levels deep I need to go.

These are the things that came in mind during my watching session of the summit stream videos. The summit sounded very optimistic and MetaBrainz seems to have a very interesting path ahead.


Aww, but when people do that in Wikipedia they call it having fun! :wink: (agreed, we do need to condense the docs into less tabs and maybe less text in general).

Is there an accompanying document, was there an agenda ectera, I dont really want to watch all these videos to find out what was discussed and what decisions were made.

The agenda was on the whiteboard, which unfortunately isn’t really visible in the stream feed. There was an attempt at making minutes for the summit, but it got started late on the 1st day and didn’t get touched a lot on the 2nd day. I will make a summary-ish blog post, but I will likely not write about everything that was discussed or decided. If you want to know it all, the videos are your best bet (for now at least—maybe someone will take a stab at going over the minutes based on memory and/or the videos to make them more comprehensive).

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I don’t want to know it all, I just want to know what the outcomes were. It seems quite reasonable to me for a summary to be available otherwise I’m not even sure the attendees will be clear how to move forward.