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I’m looking to properly add the deadmau5 “Suckscription” (service) releases. The page where everything was able to be downloaded has been archived here (click “music”, directly linked to it doesnt work).

A few of the tracks are already on MB, some under no label and some under the wrong label. Should I make a “” label? Similar to

How do I decide what counts as a single release here?

  • The oldest tracks (Acedia through Superbia, all the way at the bottom) for example, were all uploaded on the same day, but have different artwork. I could add them as a single release with that artwork as “track” artwork, but then there is no release front cover. Those tracks were a single release on soundcloud, but these are different versions or different masters I believe.
  • Some other times multiple tracks were uploaded on the same day but were not otherwise related (Arguru Intro Tool & the Get Scraped album for example).
  • Every single BSOD track incl unreleased tracks has been uploaded here on the same day, all with the same artwork, but some track names missing. Is that a single release (and new release group)? Similarly every WTF? track has been uploaded on the same day.

Is it fine to use the default icon as release artwork for releases/tracks that don’t have other artwork, or should I leave them without artwork?

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