Listens not matched to existing release


Why is there no proper matching (Artist, Release,… ) happening for this release?

I am submitting correct recording MBIDs and the release is known on MusicBrainz, I have added it myself on January 24th, so more than 3 weeks ago… Shouldn’t there be a proper match for my listens?



First off, thanks for adding the missing data to MB – much appreciated.

Here is a tool that we use to debug the MBID mapping that is in charge of matching this data automatically:

Sorry for the cryptic output of this, but its really only meant as a debugging tool. The good news is that the track is now in the DB and would be matched if you’d listened to the track today.

We have a few system in place that will go over the unmatched data in the past, but we’ve done a poor job of documenting these, so let me see if I can fix that this week. One of those ways is to listen to the track(s) again. When a listen to a previously unmatched track comes in, we’ll try again, for exactly this use case. Go head re-listen to the unmatched tracks and tell me if they get matched then.

But, I wonder if we need to have a button that says: “Re-try mapping this data again.” Even then, we would need to manage expectations because any data entered into MB isn’t immediately available to LB – it takes some time for the data to percolate through the system and then for it to be available in the mapping.

Let me know how the re-listening goes and we’ll pick up the convo from there.


Hi again!

It turns out that we had a process in our data pipeline break down some time ago and on top of that, the alert that was supposed to tell us something is wrong was broken too. :person_facepalming: We haven’t fixed the alert yet, but @lucifer just finished fixing the data pipeline.

Can you check to see if the listen was matched now? If not, try listening to the track again and see if it gets matched then.

In the meantime, we’ve written this page of docs that explain how this process works and what users can do if listens are not matched:

ListenBrainz/MBIDMappingDocumentation - MusicBrainz Wiki



OK, the process that looks up legacy listens and tries to match them has been fixed and is back at work. This should attempt to re-match plenty of missed listens.


Yes, everything is fine now, my new listens are matched now and also my previous listens from yesterday got matched in the meantime. Thanks for the quick reaction! :slight_smile:

I’ve been busy adding a few thousand releases from my collection to Musicbrainz and I know in most cases they get matched properly after a few days, but in this case I was surprised to see the match was still not happening after 3 weeks. I just wanted to make sure I didn’t do something wrong when adding the release, it’s quite a lot of work to add those releases, I wouldn’t want to miss anything and have to redo them later :wink: