Listens not being logged when using spotifyd

I have linked my listenbrainz to my Spotify account. I used to listen to Spotify via a Chromecast Audio, and that logged my listens. I’ve just changed to listening via spotifyd and my listens are no longer logged. I know nothing about the protocols/APIs Spotify uses to communicate with the Chromecast and spotifyd, but I’m guessing spotifyd uses something unofficial and won’t work. Just checking in case it is known to work and I have some issue to resolve.

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Spotify is rather inconsistent (on this front). If you listen from their client, then listens are recorded (if all is working as it should). However, listening from some remote speakers does not record listens. For whatever insane reasoning that is going on at Spotify.

Things for you to check:

  1. Disconnect and reconnect the Spotify music service in your LB account.
  2. Listen to a few tracks on the desktop/mobile app and see if the listens appear. There can be a delay (more than an hour at times) before spotify makes some listens available to us. (again, wtf spotify).

If the listens are appearing on desktop/mobile but not when you listen via spotifyd, then that is your issue. If that is the case, consider installing the LB app for Android (iOS is coming) which lets you record your listens without having to rely on Spotify to do it for you.