Listenbrainz web interface doesn't play next song in playlist

The listenbrainz web interface doesn’t play the next song in a playlist, making the web interface really annoying to use to listen to music. I have tried two different browsers (firefox and safari) on two different systems (linux and macos) with the same result. I have also tried to enable things like “enable auto-play” in the browser, but that didn’t help the situation.

Here is what happens for me:

  • First, press the playlist “play” button or the play but of a song in a playlist. A video popup appears, as does the control bar at the bottom of the screen, but the song does not play.

  • Next, manually press the play button in the video popout, or in the bottom control bar. The video/song plays.

  • After the song ends, a notification pops up announcing the next song, and the bottom screen progress bars moves, suggesting that the song is playing, even though it isn’t. To start the next song, you need to manually press the play button in the video popout.

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I guess you use YouTube:


Thanks, I didn’t realize that. That’s too bad…

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Is it possible to somehow avoid using youtube whatsoever when streaming. It keeps interrupting the queue

How would you do that if the music is in Youtube?

If the song is just on youtube but not on spotify, I’d rather it just skip it instead of forcing me to to go back to the web interface to click play.