ListenBrainz reports not updating anymore

Since April 18th (which coincidentally is the date of the last MusicBrainz release), the listening activity report has stopped updating for me, showing zero listens. It always took a day or two for the reports to get updated, but it has been over a week now, so I suspect something is broken there.
The listening history itself isn’t impacted and still works great.


Looking into the reports on my account it seems the 18th was the last reported day. That day I had 22 spins (according to LibreFm) and 22 Listens were registered on ListenBrainz. I can confirm no further reporting past that day.

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I’ve got it too, and it seems to be effecting the Charts too… I’ve got about 14 pages of listens logged, which aren’t in my reports or charts.

looking at my listen history from around that time, it looks like it’s not just a flat cutoff, as the report is completely missing an album I listened to on the 17th (though, that could also be a timezone thing, where the 17th isn’t local time, but UTC or something)

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Hi! Sorry for the inconvenience. It seems our report generation and its monitoring both broke down 10 days ago so we didn’t discover it till now. I’ll look into fixing this.


Thanks for the update and taking care of it!

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Quick heads-up: it seems to be stuck again since the 20th (at least for me). Could you check whether everything is in order?

Seems like I can confirm this. The collection of the Listens was and is still working without a hickup.

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