Listenbrainz radio: any idea why query Artist:(Gil Scott Heron) isn't working?

Artist:(Gil Scott Heron), easy mode. Tried with and without a hypen, all lower case, and in every version the interface told me no such artist exists, please use exact spelling.
And yet, here he is, single l, double t, hyphen and all…
Gil Scott-Heron on musicbrainz
Have I missed some critical puncutation or something?
(But of course it works for me for Radiohead), as it does for Artist:(the zutons) so it’s not the presence of a space in the query string.

I can take a look at it and see what is happening. In the meantime, you can specify that artist with:


probably related to minus-hyphen/hyphen punctuation?

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Yeah that works as a workaround! Thanks

Possibly. My android keyboard has one symbol that does double duty so accepting either could be a good plan.