ListenBrainz presents: Your Year in Music

The ListenBrainz team has been wanting to provide a retrospective for its users for a few years now and this year we finally had enough resources to make it happen!

If you submitted listens to ListenBrainz in 2021 you will have a year in music report available, giving an overview of the things that you listened to this year along with a few extras that we generated with some new recommendations that we hope that you will like.

Read more about the report on the blog

and if you have any feedback then please let us know here!

Happy holidays from the ListenBrainz team - @akshaaatt, @alastairp, @amCap1712, @mr_monkey, @rob


Wow, congrats!! I know you all worked really hard on this!

FYI the album art carousel (cool!) looks like this on my phone:

And the ‘save as image’ button caused a lot of slowdown/froze before it worked.

But what an amazing step forward. Making those stats work!!


this is awesome!! i loved these little factoids

You listened to 8486 songs this year
Wednesday was your most active listening day on average

very interesting and cool, thank you listenbrainz team!


Thanks a lot for this, love it! Any option to update the report with the latest import? Mine is only up until April as I hadn’t imported data in a while.


Its not assured but we might consider to re run the report for 2021 again in January’22. We’ll try to give the users a sufficient heads up so that they can import in time in case we finalize to do this.

Also, the LFM importer is currently not working for some users and we are investigating that. Feel free to try an import, in case it doesn’t work ping us.


Came here to ask the same question as AllSparks - so consider this another vote to re-run things again, as my library was quite sparse when it was run, something had gone wrong withthe sync. Got it all fixed up a couple weeks ago and caught up again today - I had to reset the LFM start date the first time, but it all ran smoothly after that. Thanks again for putting this together!


“Good news everyone!” ¹
We’re going to re-run the Year in Music reviews on February 1st.

If you’re interested in getting a Year in Music 2021 report for yourself, import your data now (before January 31st !) and we’ll make a new (or update existing) reports to cover all of 2021
If you use, import you history now!