ListenBrainz GSoC 2016 idea

Hello, I’m interested in building a compatible API with I want to discuss more with the mentors or anyone interested before make a proposal. Thanks!

Thanks for sending us a message. We recommend that interested people set up the ListenBrainz server first to make sure they are familiar with the code base. You can see some suggestions of things to do here:
Do you have any experience with If you haven’t, perhaps you could also set up an account there and scrobble some tracks. This project will require you to know about both the submission API and also the ListenBrainz API. You can read about them at and
If you have any further questions you can post them here, or come and visit us in the #metabrainz IRC channel

Hello, thanks for your reply, I’ve read the Getting_started guide, however, I think I have very little experience with the steps listed. I have experience with Python and some experience working with API. Can I still contribute to the project? or Can I learn the missing skill along the summer?

I’m not a LB potential mentor or team member or anything, so my word is far, far from final, but if you feel like your skill level is not at the level of being able to figure out and contribute code to LB as it is, maybe you should consider not applying this year and spending the summer and the year until next summer on becoming more familiar with LB (and the whole MB “food chain”/“ecology”) while also honing your skills. This will additionally put you in a much more favourable position next year, since we will already know you, and you will have a much better understanding of both our community and our technology. But again, I’m not Alastair nor am I Rob, so my word carries little weight when it comes to decisions for this project. :wink:

(I do feel like this sentiment should go into our GSoC docs somewhere/somehow. :pensive:)