ListenBrainz Beta is up!

I’m happy to say that we’ve finally pushed the new beta site to production.

Import your data, go, go, go!

:tada: :tada: :tada:


Great news! Does this mean that any data entered into ListenBrainz will remain there? I believe the alpha had the disclaimer that the database could be emptied in the future.

Now I just need a foobar2000 plugin.


Yes, the data will not be deleted now (unless we come across some really really bad bug). We waited until we had 10M listens in our test before we released this, so that shouldn’t happen ideally. :slight_smile:

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Very cool. I like how the responses for live listens are now in JSON format.

One tiny issue, I did try submitting a listen with a bad token and I got HTTP status 0 but I was expecting 400 with a message?? This was using javascript from Window Script Host so it might be my environment to blame?

edit: ignore this. I tested with node and I get the error 401/invalid authorization token as expected

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Is there a way of matching messybrainz id’s back to the proper recording id?
As most of my listens are from my music collection I should be able to work out what he proper recording id.
I have a collection of release groups and from this I should be able to match the recording id.

I would like to write a python script that re-submits the proper id’s if this is possible with the current api.
If I submit a listen at the same time as an existing listen but now include the recording id will this replace the current recording?
Does messybrainz have an api (or plan to have an api) that would allow me to give a messybrainz id and replace this with a musicbrainz id?


I could be wrong but as a casual observer looking in from the outside, I really don’t see how you could track back a messybrainz id to a specific recording. This is because a valid “listen” only requires an artist and title.