ListenBrainz App is now available on the PlayStore!

We have released the ListenBrainz app for Android! Track your music listening habits and connect with other music lovers around the world, with this exciting new app.

Get the app on the Google PlayStore.

The integration of BrainzPlayer, a powerful music player that can handle songs stored on a user’s device, is one of the app’s most impressive features. Listen to all of your favourite music in one place, without having to switch between different apps or services.

But the app’s functionality doesn’t stop there. ListenBrainz integrates with the Spotify Android SDK, allowing you to stream your favorite songs directly from the popular music streaming service. This provides a seamless listening experience, no matter where music is stored.

Year in Music is another exciting feature. Get a detailed breakdown of your music listening habits over the course of a year. Track what songs have been played the most, what artists have been listened to the most, and even what days and times you and your friends listen to music. Gain insight into your listening habits, and discover new music picked out just for you.

The ListenBrainz app is still new, and we are constantly working to improve it. We are eager to hear feedback from you about what features you would like to see added, what improvements could be made, and any issues you may encounter while using the app.



a couple items, where (besides maybe this thread) should bugs and whatnot be reported?

also, the BrainzPlayer doesn’t seem to work well my large library of almost 11,000 songs… maybe it’s just taking it a while to add them all to the library tho

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Thanks a lot for installing the app @UltimateRiff ! :sparkles:
You can report the bugs as tickets on JIRA as usual under the LB Android tag.

Yeah! Your library might take a while to be fetched from the device but should be there on the app soon. Let me know if that worked for you.


Unless I’m being really dense, I cant see a way to be able to Love/Hate or Recommend tracks :frowning:

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I’m not seeing any of that in version 1.1.6. Are there any requirements?

Besides that, there are still bugs affecting basic functionality, such as submitting listens or detecting changes in the library.

It looks like listen submission has been broken for more than 2 years straight

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Hi ! Thanks a lot for the install :slight_smile: That is in the pipeline and should be available in the near future.

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Hi @chaban ! Thanks a lot for reporting the bugs and using the app regularly :smiley:
You can head to the listens page which fetches listens from LB and plays them via the Spotify. It is available and only requires you to sign in to spotify via the app once.

I will look into the listens submission once because it seems to work fine for me. Will look if it has something to do with specific device versions.

listen submissions also didn’t work for me when I tested it several weeks ago… commented on MOBILE-87 already

So, I’ve learned that:

  • It seems not to work with a modded Spotify app. There was neither a login prompt nor error message.
  • The listens need Spotify metadata.

In both cases there was no visible negative feedback. Simply nothing at all happened.

It appears due to the restrictions in the free plan wrong tracks will be played:

This is not a problem when connected to the web player however.

Both of these issues are in works, patch will be out soon!

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I installed it on my android. I had no idea this was even in the works, and my daily phone is an iPhone so just curious: Is there an iOS app planned as well?

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I can’t say for sure but probably next year!

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I installed the app on Android and enabled the ‘listens service’, granted the necessary permission and entered the token.

But the app is not scrobbling the music that I listen to. I use ViMusic to listen to music from YouTube music and the listenbrainz app does not detect that I am listening to song.

How can I make sure the app submits the listens?

Sorry never mind
The listens are appearing.
But it doesn’t show on the now playing page/widget.


Should be working now!

I did try it out. The app does recognize the song I am listening to. The song also appears in the ‘Listening now’ widget. But the song is not saved as a listen for some reason, if I switch to a different song then the listen disappears from the list.
Is this a bug?

Make sure you listen to at least half of the song and have internet connection in order to submit a listen. Max duration cap is 4 minutes, any listen above that duration is submitted.


I listened to some more songs in full length. I did not skip.

But still listenbrainz only picked up only a few of the songs.

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That shouldn’t be happening usually, but yes the submitter does need some polish and it will get that soon.

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