ListenBrainz Android App Release 1.2.0

ListenBrainz Android just received a new update on 12th March 2023, i.e., today.
Personally as a developer, I really like this update because of the changes it brings with itself which users would adore. This is also signified by the version bumped from 1.1.7, directly to 1.2.0 :stuck_out_tongue: .
Some of my favorite changes:

  • Youtube Music addition
    Now, you can also play music through Youtube’s vast library on Listen’s screen if a particular recording is not found on spotify.

  • BrainzPlayer Improvements

    • There have been some performance improvements to BrainzPlayer, on top of that, user can now refresh their library by just pulling down on Songs, Albums, Artists screen. Caution: large music libraries take a lot of time. This is something that has some room for improvement, but searching for songs through the device is a very heavy task, thus, delays are inevitable.

    • BrainzPlayer’s mini player is now much more agile and performance jumps are immense! Have a play around and you’ll find out!

    • Notification Player is now swipeable if no music is being played on the app even is the app is alive. This in conjunction to notification player automatically disappearing, makes the notification player much less annoying to deal with!

    • Earlier mini music player was only available on Home and BrainzPlayer screen. That will not be the case from now onwards as every screen will be able to access the player making BP even more useful!

  • Slight UI improvements
    Small but noticeable changes have been made to interface of the app, again you’ll notice when you see them!

  • Better Navigation
    Earlier, navigation was very slow as new activities were created for every click at the bottom navigation bar. This led to huge stack of activities that the user may not even access and keeping them alive used resources.
    Now, the navigation is much more meaningful, fast as ever and is really easy for the user now. Although Profile Screen has not been updated to use this new navigation, this’ll soon be updated in a new update that we must not tell you about right now :stuck_out_tongue:.

  • APK Availability
    From now on, each release will contain an APK attached to it on Github. This is helpful for users who cannot access the app through play store due to unavailability of it in their region.

More changes/fixes will be coming and community feedback will be duly noted. If you’ve never tried the app, its high time to do so!


:grinning: Living in the future must be splendid! Here is still the 12th of March 2023 - just plain old present.


Don’t know what you’re talking about :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :joy:


:wink: I don’t know either but your post left me curious enough to now install this App on my Android phone. :+1:


Haha looks like I need to do this more often then. Do leave feedback and suggestions, we won’t disappoint you :wink:.

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Maybe I’m dumb but I don’t get how to submit listens from Youtube Music.

I open ListenBrainz app first (w. listen service on)
then I open youtube music and play something and…

nothing happens (yes I entered my token)

Hello Lotheric, can you check if you have given the app permission to access notifications?

That was it, thanks! It’s working now.

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So it can now play local files, through spotify, and through youtube? Are there perhaps plans to add support for local media servers such as Jellyfin or Plex?

Could prefer my servers FLAC files if I have, then fall back to streaming service? For those of us with smaller phones who can’t keep the files on the phone itself.


Great suggestion. We might just end up looking into this service but I cannot commit right now.


This is being worked on for desktop, FYI.
No idea how or if that will translate to the app, but interesting nonetheless :slight_smile: