ListenBrainz Android 2.3.0: Social feeds! Settings!

As teased in the 2.2.0 beta release, the ListenBrainz Android app’s 2.3.0 release now features a trio of new social feeds, as well as a lovely settings screen.

The three new feeds allow app users to keep up with the activity of their ListenBrainz friends, as well as discover new music from listeners with similar music tastes.

My Feed shows the activity of your follows, including what they’ve reviewed, pinned, recommended, and more. Follow Listens displays the listens, chronologically, of all your follows, so you can check on what your friends are jamming right this second. Similar Listens displays, chronologically, the listens of your closest musical ’neighbours’, a great way to discover new music and perhaps even make new friends.

Check it out for yourself on your Android device (install link), or you can read about more details and marvel at the pretty screenshots in the blog post:

Please feel free to leave any feedback on this post, on the blog, or add tickets on the ticket tracker, and enjoy!

My congratulations to the ListenBrainz app team! Particularly @akshaaatt and @Jasjeet. The settings page has tidied the app up greatly, and I personally find myself checking all three feeds whenever I open the app.


First version I’ve used, and I want to mention it crashes instantly after you finish the onboarding on Android 14 beta.


Thank you @MoiraPrime - pinging @akshaaatt, @Jasjeet


Thanks for raising this issue @MoiraPrime ! We haven’t tested on Android 14 Beta yet anywhere. Let me try it out locally and get back to you.


I updated to Android 14 earlier this week and started seeing the same behavior. Created a ticket before seeing the discussion here - hopefully the info included is helpful for troubleshooting:

Based on the stack I’m guessing its related to this change, but I’m not entirely sure: