ListenBrainz and giving contradicting data

Hi. So i’ve started using ListenBrainz about a month after I had started using I’ve imported data only that one time.

I primarily use Spotify for listens/scrobbles.

The problem is that there is this huge discrepancy in the data reported.
All time albums as an example.


The highlighted albums are ones that I’m absolutely sure not listening to before I joined ListenBrainz. I think I’ve been listening to them since 2 months ago. So ListenBrainz and should technically have the same data.
But that is not the case. has a third of the reported listens ListenBrainz has.
What causes this discrepancy? Is it not recording some scrobbles or is it ListenBrainz duplicating some?
Which data reported is correct?

At first I thinking it’s’s fault because it happened before that it just didn’t record my scrobbles but can such a huge discrepancy really happen this way?

Thanks in advance and sorry for the overlong text

Edit: or is it just me being dumb because rarely updates this page?

This is an error on ListenBrainz’ database as far as I can see it. For years I am scrobbling to Libre.Fm and suddenly my daily listenings on ListenBrainz were something like tripled compared to Libre.Fm. The total listenings (the simple number) on ListenBrainz are still correct but the overall charts are ruined at the moment.


The ListenBrainz database seems to be repaired. :slightly_smiling_face:

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yeah it seems like it only was temporary