ListenBrainz and future VideoBrainz?

this might be a bit of an odd question and might not really have an answer yet, but if ever VideoBrainz finally becomes a thing, would videos, movies, and TV be in the scope of ListenBrainz?

I ask mostly because I recently switched off the limit on Web Scrobbler to only log listens for YouTube videos categorized as “music” because it wasn’t picking up everything. I wonder if I should leave any regular videos in my listen history that end up getting logged in ListenBrainz as a result, or no?


As far as I know there are no plans for a VideoBrainz, nor do I think it would be easily shoehorned in ListenBrainz.

I’ve disabled WebScrobbler entirely myself when it comes to Youtube, I was tired of cleaning up videos about music (i.e. in the music category) that are not actual music.

Now that we have an easy way to add listens manually from the ListenBrainz website (at the top of your home page), that’s what 've been doing after I listen to a track on Youtube. Not ideal, but better for me than doing cleanup :slight_smile: