ListenBrainz and Big query

I checked out ListenBrainz data over Google big query and it’s pretty cool!

It seems that data last update is around mid-year of 2018, do you plan to update the data regularly?

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Listenbrainz is moving from being based on big query to apache spark.

I’m not involved in development but from what I can see the plan was to use rabitmq to allow for multiple tools to process listens so it could potentially write to both.


Interesting, thanks.
Until then, is there a way to query up to date ListenBrainz data?
I am asking as it seems ListenBrainz data over Google big query is not updated.

What i am trying to archive is to get popular artists by country.
I did check out MusicBrainz API, which is pretty neat, however, i did not find an API capability to fetch top artists by country, unless i missed something.
Than i thought maybe i can use ListenBrainz to find popular songs (artists) and than filter them by Area or Country. I did notice ListenBrainz doesn’t contain much of artist MBID, but MSIDs, and that’s another struggle, matching hopefully can be done by artist name checking.

There are json based dumps done every few weeks with the last one finished yesterday but I cannot seem to download these files.
You can download the exports from july and parse those.
See for information about these dumps.

Listenbrainz data does not typically contain mbid and instead is based on a string for track name and a string for the artist name so you need to work out a process to match this to a musicbrainz recording.

Thanks, i will look into it more deeply as i need a way to be able to parse the data.
Any reason it stopped been updating for a few month now?

Perhaps @rob, @zas, or @Vansika_Pareek could answer about the LB data dumps. I’m not sure myself, I wasn’t able to find a download link from the docs page.

We racked up a big bill with BigQuery and that soured their desire to provide us with free services. :frowning: Whoops. If you want to use the ListenBrainz data, use the data dumps here: