Linking to JIRA tickets with HTTPS?


Hi jesus2099, as you often link to tickets: could you start using https links for that? It (mostly) works now, and would save me the copy target link→paste into address bar→insert „s“ dance?

Oh, and hurray for tracksets! :raised_hands:

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Why, can’t you access the HTTP version anymore? You should consider installing an extension such as HTTPS Everywhere.

As long as the dashboard doesn’t work properly with HTTPS, HTTP is still the preferred schema for JIRA URLs.


I can, but it leaks state. IIRC, the Jira session cookie is also not „secure“, so going to the http version will expose your session.

I have, but am apparently too dumb to configure it…

What doesn’t work for you? The only problems I had is spurious redirects to http. This is bad, but doesn’t make the site less usable than going to http in the first place.


The dashboard, as I said. It looks like this:


Yeah, I see (I don’t use the dashboard). Looks JIRA is still embedding lots of http links in the dashboard, which makes the mixed-content detection sad.


Hopefully once we update this will be solved: the update ETA is “shortly after moving to the new host” so in a few months I’d imagine.


Our company uses confluence not jira but the same setting needs to be changed.
You may need to edit the tomcat configuration.
You will Zlso need to set the base URL parameter in confluence to be a HTTPS URL.


That might be true, but I doubt it is worth worrying about until Jira is updated - that version is ancient :slight_smile:

HTTPS is much easier to configure with the later versions!


Pff, only in Internet time. It’s just a tool.

Do you replace your hammers, knifes, kitchen sink, and car every year because a new-and-enhanced model appears?

That said, if https support is wanted (which I hope), and better/easier in the newer versions, go for the upgrade. I’ll wait.