Linking series to podcast feeds [STYLE-377]

asks us to allow linking (podcast) series to their iTunes feeds. I think it’d make sense to have this available more widely for any kind of podcast feed, and I do want to add something like this, but I can’t decide on a good wording (and I don’t use podcasts so I’m not sure what would be the most understandable).

Some suggestions when this was first discussed were “audio feed”, “web feed”, “rss feed”. We might want to specify “podcast” somewhere, so “podcast feed” or “podcast rss feed” or whatnot, since podcast isn’t its own series type. But podcast users, what would you expect to see?


[quote=“reosarevok, post:1, topic:191650”]
“audio feed”, “web feed”, “rss feed”[/quote]

Pretty sure I’ve seen all of these at some point, and they can all be more or less correct depending on how you access your podcasts, so I’d be ok with us using “podcast feed” to cover all the bases.

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“rss feed” is pretty specifically about feeds published in the RSS format and a number of feeds are available via Atom, and seeing that a non‐insignificant of our users are fairly pedantic, I would say that we shouldn’t use “rss” for something that could be “atom”. :wink:

(And yes, I realise that for historical reasons Atom feeds are also known to be referenced as RSS ones, but that doesn’t mean we won’t get people complaining about specifying “rss feed” for an Atom one. :slight_smile:)


Is this a +1 for “podcast feed”, @Freso?

It’s a -1 to anything that includes “rss”. :wink: No preference whatever which way otherwise. “podcast feed” is fine, but I would also be fine with “audio feed” or “web feed”. If you want votes, make a vote. :stuck_out_tongue:

“web feed” and “audio feed” are fine by me, but do you want the relationship to be only used for podcasts?
Those are pretty broad terms, I feel like we might end up very much in ‘pseudo-release’ useage territory :wink:

Do we have video casts too? If so, “audio feed” would seem weird for that.

Personally I listen to a bunch of podcasts (and blogs, too), and I’ve heard and always called them an “RSS feed” or just a “feed”. Or “podcast” or of course vendor names (ok, really only iTunes).

Checking Google, I get:

12k "atom feed"
392k "audio feed"
430k "web feed"
575k "rss feed"
752k “podcast feed”

Take those with a grain of salt, of course, especially since Google often includes related terms, even when quoted now.


Seems “podcast feed” is clear and not too bad, so used that:

Feel free to comment with improvements to wording and whatnot :slight_smile:

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