Linking of repos

I am not sure this is the proper place, but if it is not, I know those here will help me direct it properly.

I would like to have the “scripts” I host to be linked to the MB official ones. Meaning, that I would like what I host pass or fail testing prior to release. Is this something you are able to do? I have only one that interact direct with MB, the EAC TOC submitter. But I will have more confidence if I can be sure that they will be stable and error free should changes be made.

In a sense, I want to create a repo (active site) of “approved” scripts/etc. There is no need for them to be mine, but anyone who wants to submit, I can host.

EDIT: I wanted to add this as I believe the big powers watch. I am happy to sign an agreement to do this. If it helps the community, I am fine.

I wanted to add, since I looked into the idea more… there is the domain ‘’ avail, that is only $12 per year, and 2 VMs are of no cost to me. Just a thought.

There are so many user scripts and similar items that is is confusing. If there were to be a place where all is there for all to see, consolidated… I can see hours of saved time.

BTW- I am happy to pay the $12 fee. If anyone else takes it, I stated my claim.

Something in the wiki would be great - @jesus2099 was talking about a page for user scripts way back, but something for other tools would be also awesome


To be clear… I am happy to supply a domain, 2VMs to run it, and some to all of the coding for the site to run. What I am looking for is a consolidated place for things that work.

A great example is Wordpress. They have plugins, and they are approved to a specific version of WP.

If all believe the wiki is proper, well, ok. I believe more server side work is desired, but that is only my opinion.

I vision something that takes a user through a process… I want to add a release… I want to find artwork… I want to match my CD to a MB release… I want to submit my TOC, etc.

There are/is a lot of tools out there, but there is nothing there to actually help the normal user to use them, in one place, as a FAQ or KB style.

Edit: There are also MANY GitHub users that have scripts. MB, as a whole, could create a repo, simply linking those repos that are “approved”.

As @aerozol said, I think it would be better to keep Picard scripts in an internal MB page, like for userscripts.
Otherwise, it creates another competing thing, that could make things even slightly more blurry. :wink:


This makes sense, but someone would need to do it… organize all of he scripts and sources of them into one location. Currently, things are scattered all over, and nothing is clear as to what does what.