Linking a collaboration between artists to an event

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How can we link a collaboration between artists to an event? Is it possible at all?

Take an example of Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man. Currently we have three relevant artists in the database: Beth Gibbons (person), Rustin Man (person), and Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man (group).

In light of recent discussion I wanted to split the group into separate artists, but I noticed it’s linked to two events: and, so splitting is not possible.

I don’t see a way to link two artists joined with a join phrase to an event. Also, the setlist @ syntax doesn’t seem to support that, because @ must be the first character in a line (so writing @Beth Gibbons & @Rustin Man won’t work as expected).

So what can be done in this case?


Agree that needs a better credit. You often get one off “super group” line-ups at event where different people perform together. It isn’t just this kind of pairing that is lacking for coverage in Events.

For now all you can do is list them as separate artists, but I would also go to their recordings and link the event in on each recording.

I don’t use events much as they feel a little too much as an “in development” idea - but when I do it is as a Recording relationship.


I ran into that problem recently, too. There’s a ticket here:


I think at some point in the future, Musicbrainz will have a “Set” entity in the schema (perhaps with a name other than “set”) So you would be able to say that Event X had an 8:00 Set with Artist Y and Artist Z performing together, a 9:00 Set with Artist Y alone, and a 10:00 Set with Artist Z alone. Right now, the only way to do this is with the setlist, which seems kinda sub-optimal.
The challenge around this kind of “set” idea is to create a not-excessively-complicated editing-UI for it.

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