Link to private facebook pages?


And that is why, I only link to social media on the instances I mentioned above.
Not everyone is a “rock star”, and if they aren’t promoting themselves as such, I try to let them have the pictures of their grandchildren. If you think about it, that sort of page doesn’t do this site any good anyhow - other than for identification.

I mean, my facebook page certainly isn’t filled with anything that is of any interest to this site. I can only imagine that others are the same. I guess that is called “The Golden Rule”, right. Do unto others and all that kind of stuff.


A lot of us contact artists and labels for various things. Can’t hurt. The worst that can happen is they ignore you.


Yeah, so back to the policy discussion…


I personally don’t think we should have a policy not to link personal/private Facebook pages across the board.


The one you got a 404 from before was a personal account/profile, this one is a Facebook “page”, meaning it’s not an actual account, but rather a place to promote something.


In general, I’d say link to all pages, whether log-in only or not, but either do not link to personal profiles at all (they’re not a feature intended for fan following) or do it only if it’s very clearly advertised as the artist’s Facebook presence.