Link iTunes to listenbrainz?

is there a way to link the iTunes music player on OSX to listenbrainz? if so how?

Hi @st3v3p, I don’t know of a macOS desktop tool for submitting listens to LB and from asking around the other MeB folks, it doesn’t look promising yet. :disappointed:

I think there is a strong need for a Swift developer to create a scrobbling tool for macOS. Perhaps mpris-scrobbler might work, but I don’t know if macOS uses the same MPRIS/DBUS interfaces for things like what song is currently playing.

This project was shared in #metabrainz IRC, although it is not working or finished yet. But if a future developer finds this thread, this could be an interesting idea to explore as a scrobble proxy that sits in-between another scrobbling app and the servers:


Another one shared in IRC, for the benefit of a future developer: