Link from bookbrainz to bookbrainz forum

Last for today, I promise!
It would be really helpful to have a button in bookbrainz to reach this forum. When I started I didn’t even know that a forum existed. There’s just one “bug report link” and that’s nor really helpful since it leads to “where you don’t want to be” as a beginner :wink:


Surely you must have meant brainz not ogs :smiley:

oops, yes sorry for that Freudian…

Thanks for that.

Sometimes one is blind to their own omissions, and I took on board a comment I saw on the Bookogs forum post about there being no link to the forums.

I actually published a new version of the website just yesterday with some small updates, including adding the forums in the contact info, and copying the contact info in the about page.

Check it out, maybe it deserves to be put forward more. I’m open to suggestions.


If you’re making quick edits… the registration page has text that says ‘just click the green button at the bottom of the page’, but it’s a blue button for me :stuck_out_tongue:

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They certainly look blue to me, but maybe that falls within the blue and black / gold and white dress conundrum.

That should have read “they certainly look blue to me”.

Thanks, it’s now corrected in the code and will be deployed with the next update.

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