LiberaPay donations

LiberaPay is a nice ongoing effort at making financing projects more free. They’ve just recently added both private and public donations, making it possible to share (or see) who has made a donation.

From the effort aspect, it has both SEPA and PayPal support, so in theory would not mean continuous extra work (as LP can extend and replace the other).

Would it be out of the question to provide this option?


FWIW, this doesn’t seem to have been discussed yet, neither in the old chat logs nor the new ones.

This would ultimately be @Rob’s decision. :slight_smile:

This was discussed on IRC yesterday (IIRC?) and there seemed to be some interest :slight_smile: Thanks for bringing it up, I assume @rob or @lucifer will answer here once they have something more concrete to say!


@Avamander: Thanks for this suggestion, but the sadly the LiberaPay site doesn’t seem to answer some basic questions I have. We’re quite keen to get rid of PayPal, because it such an absolute shit organization to work with. We currently have Stripe support, but it won’t allows us (a US org) to accept EUR payments. (lame!). Accepting EUR payments in PayPal is possible but it is a nightmare to sort out the accounting afterwards.

If we go with LiberaPay, can we accept EUR and USD donations, (one time and recurring) with only a Stripe USD account? If that is the case, then it would be a strong argument for us to use LiberaPay. But if we’re stuck with the same limitations we have now, there isn’t a lot of benefit to doing this extra work, when we already have all the functionality.



Yes. I am pretty sure that Stripe just does all the conversions required, you can always ask for explicit confirmation from LiberaPay people though (or run a quick test).

Yeah, Stripe handles all currency conversion, but AFAIK LiberaPay doesn’t support one-off donations, only recurring ones. (You can effectively do this as a donator, but it’s a bit more involved than just doing a one-off donation on something like, say, PayPal.)

I’ve sent them an email, asking for some clarifications.

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It’s not very involved to be honest. You just pick your sum and select “Manual renewal”, meaning that the single payment you make is going to be the one and only.

Any luck getting those clarifications?


Yes, I got the clarifications I needed, but some other things needed to happen before we could focus on this task. The other tasks are now clear and we’ve got this task open now:

[MEB-144] Donation improvements - MetaBrainz JIRA

If you watch this ticket, you can follow our progres. Hopefully we can get this done before the end of the year.


@Avamander: You speak about this “Manual renewal” option, right?

Because in their F.A.Q. they write about one-time donations:

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Yep, that’s what I meant.